Christle & Gold

Breakfast tacos, anyone?

Hello, hello. I'm Christle and I'm delighted you're here. I'm a twenty - three year old second year medical student based in Houston, Texas. This is space is filled with God's truth, social justice, and my pursuit of a medical degree. 

Christle and Gold. Tucked underneath my bed is a pile of journals. Some old, others new and a few used. I occasionally brush off a  journal and write but decided to share my thoughts with others a few years ago. Christle and Gold is about finding confidence in my voice and digging deep into my life and my world. 

Feel free. Stay awhile and scroll through my corner of the internet. Since you're here, you might as well learn a bit more about me:

  • My roommate says I don't eat enough breakfast tacos to consider myself a true fan of the food. So full disclaimer: I only eat breakfast tacos about once a month. I eat waffles in the interim. 
  • I've recently discovered that I love cheesecake - I can't believe I avoided the stuff for years. But I still hate pie. 
  • Sweet potato fries are my go to option at restaurants. And queso, no guacamole please.