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pre med resources | volume three

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pre med resources

I created this list with a simple question in mind: what sources do I frequent the most? Hopefully this list is as helpful to you as it is to me! 

Online Videos

Armando Hasudungan.
I learn best from smart graphics and well designed lessons. Armando's tutorials provide both. I could spend hours watching and rewatching his video every time we covered a new body system in my MCAT course. He covers the major body systems, basic biochemistry, and some pharmacology. 
Best Use: MCAT & Class Review

Bozeman Biology.
Bozeman Biology and I go all the way back to ninth grade biology. Simple, clean and great for first year bio classes or a quick refresher for upper level students. 
Best Use: Class Review

MIT OpenCourseWare.
I don't enjoy flipped classrooms, but I'm a huge fan of class recordings. Take advantage of your school's recorded classes and count your blessings. If your school doesn't have what you need, search MIT's catalog. I referenced the genetics and biology courses for my first two years in biology courses. 
Best Use: Class Review 

Michel van Biezen
These videos are a dream. Michel's videos cover a wide array of concepts with multiple examples. The playlists are helpful, but I still get lost trying to find specific topics. Bookmarks will be your best friend for this YouTube channel. 
Best Use: MCAT & Class Review

Twitter Accounts

American Academy of Family Physicians (@AAFP)
If you didn't know, now you know - I want to be a family doctor. This is an obvious follow for me. 
Best Use: News

Center for Disease Control Global Health (@CDCGlobal)
This is another obvious follow for me. CDC, government agencies and prominent NGOs are on the frontline of domestic and global health issues. NPR Global Health is also great resource. 
Best Use: News

Duke Global Health (@DukeGHI)
I'm happy to see global health play such an important role in the medical realm. Find schools and programs you really admire and follow them on twitter. It is a great way to find out about news, scholarships, application updates. 
Best Use: News, Learning Opportunities 

Jenny Tsai (@tsaiduck77)
I found Jenny on the corner of health and justice (quick reference to the Fray). She hasn't tweeted anything recently, but her archives have great links to her work and articles for anyone interested in health/healthcare disparities. 
Best Use: Medical Student Perspective (MD), Social Justice View on Health

Kaiser Family Foundation (@KaiserFamFound)
Kaiser Family Foundation is the go to resource for national health news and public policy analysis. I also know people use the Kaiser Family Foundation website for medical school interview prep. 
Best Use: News, Public Policy

Dr. K (@medschooladvice)
Full disclosure: I scroll past 85% of his tweets (he is incredibly active online), but he does have great nuggets of wisdom. 
Best Use: Advice


A Little Bit of Lacquer
Laura is a fourth year medical student (at HARVARD!!) balancing family and school. I enjoy Laura's style aesthetic and she has the cutest baby girl. 
Best Use: Fashion, Advice, Medical Student Perspective (MD)

The Biopsy
The Biopsy is less about the blogger and more about modern medicine. Roheet (the blogger) also owns a pre med consulting group called Lean On. I haven't used their services, but they have good reviews!
Best Use: News

Doctor or Bust
Found this blog pretty recently and I couldn't be happier. This blog is detailed in advice and full of encouragement. 
Best Use: Advice, Medical Student Perspective (MD)

Franziska is a second year medical school determined to make the best out of her med school's dress code. She blogs mostly about fashion, but she sheds light on the daily routine of a grad student. 
Best Use: Fashion, Advice, Medical Student Perspective (DO)

Lady Kay MD
Katherine is a third year medical school and her blog is the place to go for healthy living and advice. She has an open ask page and a huge FAQ. 
Best Use: 
Advice, Medical Student Perspective (MD)

The Health Scout
Dayla is a third year nontraditional medical student and she was the first medblr I followed. Scroll through her archives for some great advice and funny comics. 
Best Use: 
Advice, Medical Student Perspective (MD)

Sarah Says MD
Sarah is a second year medical student. She curates some wonderful articles ad occasionally weblogs a cute puppy or two. 
Best Use: Advice, Medical Student Perspective (MD)

Wayfaring MD
She may be anonymous, but the blogger behind Wayfaring MD has a HUGE personality. If you only follow one blog, bookmark Wayfaring right now. She has the most comprehensive list on the web for pre meds. Confused about personal statements? She's got you. Wondering about the differences between Grey's Anatomy and real life? She has 10 posts about it. Y'all ~ she gets 5 stars, A+, all the awards. Follow her, now. 
Best Use: Advice, Medical Student Perspective (MD)

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 If you have a blog or account you'd like to recommend, drop me a note in the comments or send me an email. Happy scrolling!