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Gold Mine | 2015

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My favorite photo of 2015.

My favorite photo of 2015.

If 2014 was about challenge, 2015 was about growth. I've invested in people and moments. I've learned to trust my instincts and embrace the process. I've experienced advocacy and hope at he highest levels. Here's a quick snapshot of my year:

 + Made the move to Squarespace and I'm loving it! This platform is so clean and I don't have to mess with code. I spent some time writing a few pieces on this space. Some were repost from my old platform like Dry Bones and Pre Med Resources. Other pieces were brand new like my obsession with Jesse Williams and a happy birthday post to me
+ Turned 21 and celebrated with my first drink and my girlfriends.

+ Marched in solidarity with the Latinx community on campus after the Fiji "boarder patrol" party.
+ Partied in the Blanton Museum. Okay, so I wasn't a guest of the party but I did get an opportunity to grab a few snacks, dance with their jazz band and preview the civil rights exhibit. If I had money, I would host all of my parties at the Bob Bullock and Blanton Museums. 

+ Traveled to Nigeria to celebrate my grandma's 80th! My mom told me about this trip before I started college and I prayed that it would fall in line with my spring break. Thank the good Lord that it did! We flew to Nigeria, stopped in London to explore and had the most wonderful time with my family. This marked my third trip to Nigeria (1st was during elementary school and 2nd was the summer before starting college) and I can't wait to go back. 

+ If there was an emoji for the month, the trumpet with confetti would sum up my April. This is the month where my 2014 struggles started to make sense. And I was able to sum up those experiences in my May post!

+ Reflected on my junior year in this post. Thankful to my squad for helping me survive my day by day journey. 
+ This was also an emotional month because of graduations and senior send offs. Can't believe I'll be graduating soon! 
+ The travel bug hits again with a trip to NYC with my family! 

Settled into my internship with the Texas Health institute. I worked the Primary Care Conference in San Antonio and met my hero, Dr. Morris Singer!
+ Knocked out a few items on my bucket list including hiking the Green Belt or visiting the Bob Bullock African American exhibit. 
+ Ate a lot, worked out more. That's how it is supposed to go, right?

+ Sunk my feet into beach sand in Galveston. Took a mini vacation with my family and I loved it.
+ Moved from West Campus to North Campus and I never had to worry about wild parties waking me up ever again. 

+ Read Between the World and Me. If you haven't opened the book, do yourself a favor and buy it now. 
+ Also read Jesus Feminist. I hated that book. Don't bother buying that one. 
+ Started my last fall semester of undergrad! Got my nails and eyebrows done to start the day and led the Eyes of Texas for the freshmen welcome. 

Crowned Black Homecoming Queen. Which is the most unexpected thing that has ever happened to me!
+ So many happy hours and nachos. 
+ Had my very first medical school interview in Lubbock, Texas! Praise the Lord for answered prayers. 

+ Sat in on Dr. Moore's Black Power Movement course (and on Nigeria's Independence Day!)
+ Led the Eyes of Texas on the field for the Red River Rivalry in Dallas. Could you ask for a better senior experience? 

Last football game of the season and I went all out aka wore my scarf and my vest (even though the burnt oranges don't match).
+ Pinned a yellow rose on my lapel and joined the Friar Society at UT!
+ Rejoiced at one year of hair growth. I even wrote about my BC anniversary. 

I went to DC. I WENT TO DC AND THE SUPREME COURT. I SPOKE OUTSIDE THE SUPREME COURT. Easily the highlight of my year. Such a sweet topping to wonderful year. 

A Few Extras:

+ Abuja, Nigeria
+ Dallas, Texas *
+ Galveston, Texas
+ Houston, Texas
+ London, England
+ Lubbock, Texas
+ New York, New York
+ San Antonio, Texas
+ Washington, DC
* I'm from here BUT I did go on the field for the Red River Rivalry! 

Quoted + Listened
 + I've been quoted in a few articles! USA TodayLA Times and NYT Times
+ "Bless the process" aka "Let go, let God."
+ How to Become Batman by Invisibilia and The Problem We All Live With by This American Life are required listening
+ Everything by Jesse Williams and Ta-Nehisi Coates is worth the listen or read

Thanks for sharing this year with me. Cheers to a new year!