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reflections on junior year

Christle NworaComment


My life doesn't always align with my grand schemes and plans. If so, I'd be a Michigan Wolverine studying journalism or a Northwestern Wildcat exploring Chicago. Instead, I am at the University of Texas at Austin - the last place I wanted to be as a high school senior.

Fast forward three years and I couldn't imagine my life without the burnt orange and abundance of breakfast tacos. These past three years have taught me to trust in God and lean on His grace filled understanding. 

But sometimes I forgot that nugget of wisdom and think my master plans deserve to take center stage. Enter Christle as a sophomore. I had these beautiful ideas for my junior year. I sacrificed time and relationships working for what I thought was my ultimate goal. But y'all, rejection came so swiftly and disappointment colored my vision. Aka May 2014 sucked. I cried a lot, applied for a few positions and hoped for the best. 

Um wow, God delivers the absolute best. (If we've had a coffee date recently, feel free skip to the next paragraph because you've heard this already). I am exactly where I need to be. I have found such a rich community and mentors who have cared for me. This year has been full of belly laughs and soft smiles. And when frustration and doubt came my way, I had so many people ready to support me. I couldn't be happier for failure and rejection. 

Today is just one of those days where I am reminded that God has everything figured out. Worrying won't add a single day to my life. All I can do is serve Him faithfully, knowing that He will use me to build His kingdom. So be encouraged friends, the maker of Heaven and Earth watches over us. He knows our comings and our goings. And He's got this beautiful master plan.