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College Bound: Back to School Supply List

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I know you finishing up your #listsonlists for your first semester on campus. Here's my list of must haves when shopping for school supplies:

Notebooks // Like most students, I spend most of study time revisiting my notes from class. Which is why my list starts off with notebooks. I'm not incredibly pick when it comes to brands, but I am specific when it comes to subject count and lines (college ruled is a must).
One Subject Notebook (one per liberal arts course): I prefer typing my notes in my liberal arts courses, but a notebook comes in handy for diagrams, mind maps, and essay planning. 
Three Subject Notebook (one per non-math science course like biology): The first two subjects are for my class / book notes and the third section is reserved for practice problems or study guides. 
Five Subject Notebook (one per math based or problem heavy science like physics): This is an expanded version of my three subject notebook plan. The first two subjects are for my class / book notes. The third subject is for practice problems, and the fourth subject is home to my test reviews. My favorite subject is the last - office hour notes and questions. If I'm reviewing a concept and have a question, I flip to the last section and write down the problem. Then I go to office hours and answer the question underneath the problem - that way I don't make the same mistake twice!

Planner // As it is written, so shall it be done. Aka if you don't see me enter an assignment in my planner, it won't be completed. I recently invested in a daily planner (review to come soon)!

Pens // I'm slightly obsessed with colored pens. I purchase (or look under my bed) for a black G2 Pilot pen and cheaper colored Papermate ballpoint pens. Just make sure your pens don't bleed through paper.

Pencils // Mechanical pencils are the obvious choice. Don't forget to buy extra lead and erasers. 
Folders // College is where trees come to die. Handouts, tests, essays - if it can be printed, it will be. I don't take my folders to class, but I do have a folder for each class to store any necessary paper. 

Index Cards // These are the ultimate study aid. I buy them in bulk and normally aim for two different sizes. Index cards double as great flashcards and cheap bookmarks.

Yellow highlighter // That's right. I just need one highlighter. I tried the other colors, but yellow works best for me and my colorful notes (remember my colored pen obsession?).

That's it for my back to school shopping list. What's on yours?