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First Week of Medical School

medical schoolChristle NworaComment

I've officially completed one week of medical school! I can't bring myself to calculate how many weeks I have left, but I do know that there is a long road ahead. This past week has been stuffed with wonder, confusion, and more than enough Mediterranean food to feed a small family. And I couldn't be happier (and more stressed) than I am right now. You remember that quote that says, "walk confidently in the direction of your dreams"? Well, I'm currently taking baby steps. 

And much like a young child, I'm in awe of everything and everyone around me. I'm in a new city with more restaurants than my wallet can handle. I'm finding new study patterns and rediscovering what activities keep me sane. I'm impressed (and slightly intimidated) by new classmates and faculty who will one day become my colleagues. 

It is incredibly tempting for me to rush through this season of anxiety and "newness." (If you've spent any amount of time with me, you know that I like to maintain a sense of control). But I'm learning that we grow the most when we are uncomfortable. I want to use this season to understand what I truly desire from these next four years and then live my life with deep intention and purpose. 

Cheers to the start of my second week and the rest of medical school career!