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College Bound: A Mini Series

collegeChristle NworaComment

Wahoo! August is around the corner folks and that means my third favorite season (behind Christmas and Easter - duh) is back to school! Judge me if you please, but I love shopping for new supplies and I ordered my first daily planner. This is an exciting season filled to the brim with new opportunities and College Bound is designed to help you make the absolute most of your first days on campus. 

College Bound is a mini series created with freshmen in mind. I'll cover my shopping list, semester essentials and best practices. This series will consist of 4 - 5 posts leading up to the first day of school. 

But before we jump in, I want to hear from y'all! What questions do you have about college? Wondering about the life of a pre med in college? Want to know where to get the best deals on books? Worried about managing extra curricular activities and classwork?

Leave a comment below, send me a tweet using #CGCollegeBound, or drop a message in my contact form. I look forward to answering your questions throughout the series!